ICC Aluminium

Utilizing the latest technology, combined with the knowledgeable skills of our highly trained personnel, ICC Aluminium is the best solution to meet the fast growing demand for aluminium fabrications in Sri Lanka.

Ensuring the quality of our products exceeds the required standards, ICC Aluminium provides fabrication, supplying and installation of;

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Partitions

External Facades

Non-load bearing wall panels (For internal partitions)

Load bearing wall panels

Roof trusses

Floor joists

ICC FrameCad

An advanced technology developed in New Zealand to enable the rapid construction of quality buildings using cold formed light gauge steel, ICC FrameCad has a fully equipped plant, machineries and a talented design team, that can provide you with a comprehensive solution.

With ICC FrameCad, you can design, manufacture and erect light gauge steel panels on-site, with speed and convenience, whilst providing the following solutions;

Flat-Pack Housing Solutions

By replacing the conventional housing construction methods with a highly engineered design system, ranging from low cost to luxury housing, ICC FrameCad Flat-pack Housing Systems provide an alternative solution to the local housing market. This sustainable solution is fortified with state-of-the-art technology from New Zealand, that is;

5x faster than conventional methods

A factory finished product

Provides less wastage


Environment friendly

Utilizes minimum labour

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