I Cube

  • Danmotec  iCUBE Containerized wastewater treatment plant is of modular design,  and could be used where centralised sewage treatment is not available. It is ideally suited for condominiums, schools, hospitals, hotels, and office blocks.
  •  The system has an exceedingly small footprint in comparison to conventional systems, treated water could be reused for irrigation, toilet flushing etc.
  • iCube has European CE and US FDA certification and has a plug and play design concept making installation simple.
  • The bio filters and all components of iCube are of high quality, which will not require replacement for at least 6 years.
  • iCube operates automatically requiring little operator attention with low operational cost.
  • Hybrid Biological & Fixed Film Technology (HBF) is used in the system, combined with activated sludge making  it a very efficient system

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