Fixed Bed Reactor (FBR)

  • The FBR is the most efficient and robust biological wastewater treatment process on the market. It also produces less sludge than conventional biological wastewater treatment processes.
  • The FBR can biologically treat municipal and industrial wastewaters.
  • FBR technology is independently verified by PIA GmbH- a leading notified test facility for wastewater treatment.
  • The ecological footprint of our fixed bed biological treatment unit is much smaller compared to conventional systems.
  • FBR does not require any chemicals for operation and is a fully automated operation.
  • The biology in the reactor regulates itself to a large extent and adjustments are made with simple control measures.
  • In the containerized version, the bioreactor is installed in a 20ft high cube sea-container. One FBR containerized bioreactor can treat wastewater of approximately 700 PE.
  • Suitable for fluctuating wastewater flows, consumes less electricity, expandable, mobile, produces less noise, highly efficient, and needs no building to house the plant.

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